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Drawing Hand Screen Saver

Watch as an artists hand draws Cars, Fine Art, People, Animals, Holiday Art and more
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26 July 2002

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Graphic artists step aside, the latest product from Drawing Hand Creations turns your PC into a virtual artist while helping teach you how to draw at the same time. The full version of Drawing Hand Screen Saver comes chocked with more than 200 drawings that unfold before your eyes.
Drawing Hand Screen Saver and its lifelike hand takes breathtaking drawings and redraws them right before your eyes on your desktop. You can even choose how fast you wish the hand to draw with the software’s settings. When the drawing is complete, turn it into a computer screen saver or take your new skill and put it to paper and pen and voila!
With Drawing Hand Screen Saver, you’ll feel akin to the likes of Pablo Picasso and Van Gogh.
In the trial version, watch a mighty lion come to life on your desktop. Each brushstroke actually teaches you how to draw while you sit and watch mesmerized as it develops on your monitor.
It’s so detailed, it even mimics the artist’s touch of rubbing different colors together to get that perfect shade. Drawing Hand Screen Saver sells for $24.95.

Publisher's description

Watch as an artists hand draws Cars (BMW, Viper, Corvette...), Fine Art (Monet, Van Gogh...), People (Einstein, Elvis, Marilyn...), Animals (lion, gorilla, tigers, koala...), Holiday Art (Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July) and more. Currently, there are over 200 drawings available with new drawings added each month. You can even create your own drawings for the hand to draw. You have to see this screen saver to appreciate it.
Drawing Hand Screen Saver
Drawing Hand Screen Saver
Version 6.6
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